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team of students posing with trophy


Congrats to Mr. Raines and our entire team! We are so proud of you.

The team also won a special award for “Excellence in Resiliency Engineering”

MathCounts Team standing in front of their banner.

“It was a banner weekend for the LMS MathCounts team who competed this weekend in the Chester County Chapter Competition. Sophia Pan of 8D won the Lightning Round. Addu Elluru of 8A finished 6th on the written test and 3rd overall. Advika Bose of 7B finished 1st on the written test and 2nd overall. Our team of Sophia, Addu, Advika and Zoe Zhang of 8D finished 2nd with an opportunity to earn a wild card berth to the State Championship in March. Great job!”

LMS student working on a 3D model of a pyramid.

Students in Mr. Mogck's 3D Art Class worked wonders with recycled cardboard. They created models of real or fictional objects. The creations are phenomenal! 

40 students sitting on bleachers

LMS students  participated at the Technology Student Association Regional Conference this past weekend and 40 of the 60 have qualified to compete at the state conference in April! LMS was very well represented among the over 400 middle school students that participated both in-person and virtually at the conference.

LMS students received three first-place awards, four second-place awards, and six third-place awards.

Out of the 11 middle schools that participated in the event, only two other schools had more students qualify to compete at the state conference. We are so proud of this group of students, as this was the first time they could participate in the regional conference in person.

LMS students have worked diligently on projects for individual and team events over the last few months, both after school and at home. Students moving on to the state conference will continue to work and refine their projects as the requirements and competition become more challenging at the state-level.


student writing a thank you

Ms. Swisher's Freedom Fighters wrote thank you notes to first responders and others who serve our community. 

students dressed in colorful saris dancing

Families shared many facets of their culture with the students at LMS.  Displays of Indian history, dress, jewelry, food and many other customs allowed students to learn and interact with the rich Indian traditions.